How To Pick A Reputable Company That Buys Houses In Houston

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Homeowners who need to sell their properties quickly are turning more and more to real estate investors. These “We Buy Houses” businesses are booming mostly because of the uncertainty of the real estate market. With the promise of fast cash, sometimes within days, it is tempting to latch onto these offers. However, with adequate research, prospective sellers can avoid scams and find reputable home investment firms.

Better Business Bureau Accreditation

Accreditation through the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is an essential component of choosing a home investment company. This distinction means that the company is expected to operate with integrity in order to keep their accreditation. The BBB gives each company a rating based on their reliability and how well they interact with their existing customer base. Ratings are determined by years in business, customer complaints, transparency of business, and government sanctioned actions against business.

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Locally Owned and Operated In Houston

Prospective sellers should avoid using “We Buy Houses” companies that are based in another state or worse yet, another country. Sellers should have the opportunity to meet face to face with potential investors. Local companies will also have a high familiarity with local real estate markets and able to provide comparable home sale information.

Member of the Local Chamber of Commerce

A local chamber of commerce has similar goals as the BBB: protect consumers from companies with unsavory business practices. In a 2012 survey conducted by The Schapiro Group, two-thirds of customers reported that they found active members of a local chamber of commerce to be trustworthy in participating in good business practices. Local chambers of commerce screen their members in order to maintain a positive community image. Real estate investment companies must provide reputable care to their customers in order to be accepted into the organization.

Look For Online Reviews

Online reviews of a company will give sellers insight into whether they can trust the business before handing over their deeds. Although a single negative review shouldn’t deter sellers, red flags are raised if multiple reviewers have written negatively about the company. Sellers need to look at more than one source for reviews as well. Browse online review websites and social media platforms such as Yelp, 5 Star Reviews on Facebook, and Google Plus.

Ask For References

Before choosing a real estate investor, sellers need to ask the company for a list of references. The references can be past home sellers or the title company that the investor uses.  Years in business need to be taken into consideration as well. Receiving referrals from friends and family members who have used the “We Buy Houses” company can also steer customers to a reliable company.

Shop Around But Don’t Be Greedy

A reputable company will not be pushy over signing the dotted line. Although the agency may promise up and down that they are offering the best deal, sellers can’t be sure unless they compare offers from multiple vendors.

Investor Or Company Provides A Simple Contract

Although “We Buy Houses” negotiations are meant to be quick and painless, the information given to the seller over the phone after the home inspection isn’t always accurate. The contract may show completely different terms. Prospective home sellers need to have every aspect of the sale spelled out on paper before signing on the dotted line.

Consumers may turn to “We Buy Houses” companies for fast closings, but they should not skimp out on the research. There’s always a risk of fraud when dealing with cash real estate transactions. Avoid scams by reviewing all paperwork thoroughly before signing over the property.

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Best Way For A Senior Citizen To Sell Their Houston House

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Many seniors have found themselves ready to move to an assisted living facility or perhaps downsize to a smaller home or apartment. Problems arise when they encounter difficulties selling their current home. The following information provides the best ways for a senior citizen to sell a home.

Best Ways To Prepare To Sell A Home

There are a few steps to take to make sure a home has the best chance of selling as quickly as possible.

  • Make the Necessary Repairs – It’s much easier to sell a house that doesn’t need any major repairs. Most people would rather pay a little bit more and buy a house that is ready to move into than to have to worry about making repairs, even at a reduced price.
  • Remove Clutter – Seniors have had many years to accumulate a lot of items. Everything from pictures of children and grandchildren to knick-knacks received through the years often fill counter tops, shelves, and tables. While these items may be precious to the owner, having excessive personal items can make the home appear messy and disorganized.
  • Price the House Competitively – Trying to make even a little bit of money on a home by over-pricing will simply make the house more difficult to sell. Seniors may factor in what price they “need’ to get when selling a home as opposed to the true market value of the home.

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Tips For When a Home Hasn’t Sold

Here’s a short list of tips and strategies for homes that have been sitting on the market for more than 30 days.

  • Rent Out Your Home – Renting out a home doesn’t necessarily mean the owner has to move out. If the home is large enough either the upstairs or the downstairs can be rented out. The home could also be turned into a duplex. This way the owner can stay in the home while obtaining an income from a renter.
  • Take Out a New Mortgage – There are several options available here.  If it can be afforded, an individual may want to take out a home equity loan.  If paying a higher monthly rate isn’t possible it may be a good idea to renegotiate a loan modification plan.
  • Postpone Selling the Home – If a home is on the market during the winter months, especially the month of December, selling can be extremely difficult. This could also mean taking new, high quality photos of the home and writing a compelling home description when putting the house back on the market.
  • Find a Good Real Estate Agent – It may be a matter of finding a real estate agent that understands the needs and issues related to senior citizens. Certain agents may have experience with the Housing for Older Persons Act as well as a variety of senior housing options that are available.

When it comes to selling a house there are no guarantees and market conditions can change without warning. Following these few tips, however, can help seniors prepare their home to make it more marketable. If the house isn’t selling there are still several options available.